8 Tips To Kickstart Your Exercise Routine

  1.  Get a gym buddy:

A little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone.  Find a friend with a similar goal to you; this will help keep you motivated.  Make sure this person will be on your back pestering you about exercise and organise to join an exercise class together, this way you both have to show up to avoid disappointment.

  1. Write down everything you eat:

Purchase a diary or find an old notepad and start your own food diary, this method works by simply shocking yourself with your daily food consumption.  This can only work if you write down absolutely everything you eat, no cheating.  Trust me at the end of the week you’ll be running to the gym.

  1. Create a great sound track:
    The backbone to a great exercise regime is an even better playlist. You need music that will keep you motivated and have a great beat.  Update this playlist regularly.
  2.  Plan ahead:

Pencil in your workouts a few weeks ahead of time in a diary, make sure you check you diary every night to get ready for the next day.  If you want to be super pedantic put a reminder in your phone, you have to commit to the decision that once it written down you have to do it.

  1. Create a goal board:

Have a goal board full of your inspirations, goals and even a photo of a younger fitter you.  Keep this board in a place you will see daily to remind of you what you want, where you’ve been and how you are going to get there.

  1. Put your exercise clothes the night before:

Have your exercise clothes out and ready so in the morning you're not searching for clean gear.  This makes waking up early that little bit easier.

  1. Reward yourself:

Every time you accomplish a goal reward yourself maybe a shopping spree, going out for a meal or a sleep in perhaps.  These little rewards will keep you motivated and make sure you don’t fall out of the routine.

  1. Find your niche:
    Find a gym class or an exercise regime that you love, this makes it easy to show up to a gym class. Here are a few examples of completely different exercise styles; yoga, cross fit, pilates, spin class, zumba, running, boot camps. Find a class that’s helps you tune out.


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  • BOone

    Point six: “…your [sic] not searching for clean gear” is incorrect grammar. It should read: “…you’re not searching for clean gear.”
    There are so many errors! It doesn’t take but a minute to proofread what one wrote.

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