6 Simple Self Care Idea

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Most of us do not take enough time to look after ourselves. Here are 6 simple self-care ideas you can incorporate into your weekly routine to leave you feeling great 

Take a Pro-Biotic Daily   

Taking a pro-biotic daily can do wonder for your digestive health. They not only help to balance the good bacteria in your digestive system but they are also known to help your mental health, as mental health and gut health are directly related. 

Tech-Free Times

Have a designated day without screens can have many benefits. It will not only help you to feel calmer but it will also give you more time to spend with family and friends, will help you to get out the habit of looking at screens all day and it will also help increase your productivity. 


Decluttering can work wonders. It can not only reduce anxiety and stress but it also helps you to use problem-solving and decision-making skills. Plus sometimes it can involve doing a bit of exercise and you might even find some hidden treasures that you have been looking for for years.

Try Aromatherapy 

There are numerous benefits of aromatherapy and these include having a better nights sleep, help in relieving symptoms of anxiety, help in boosting your energy and they are also known to reduce pain including headaches. 

Make a Natural Face Mask 

A simple recipe you can do at home includes: 1 egg white, 1/4 cup of Avocado, 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well. The benefit includes keeping your skin hydrated, helping to remove excess oils and it is also a great way to way draw out impurities

Try Deep Breathing 

Deep breathing is a great way to de-stress. Firstly lie flat on your back in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Put one hand on your stomach and other on your ribs. Take a deep breath through the nose and your stomach should rise. Breath out through the mouth. Repeat this 10 times or until you feel calm. Try

Try To Sleep In Once A Week 

A good nights sleep in incredibly important to your health as it helps your body to restore itself at night. It will also help to reduce anxiety, improve your concentration and productivity and also give you more energy and put you in a great mood. 

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