Blow Dry Basics


1 Find anywhere other than the bathroom to blow-dry your hair – it’s too humid, especially after a shower and a room must be cool to achieve a blow-dry without frizz.

2 Sit down in a comfy seat facing a decent mirror. Don’t attempt your blow-dry standing up. Sit down in a comfy seat, facing a decent mirror. A seated position gives you more upper-body strength and you will be less likely to tire out and rush through the blow-dry.

3 Allow hair to air dry half way as it’s better for your hair and will mean less blow-drying time and weighing down of your arms. Go get dressed, have breakfast, apply your make-up brush your teeth, do a chore, etc. to allow your hair time to semi air-dry.

4 Apply your styling product, if using. Volumising mousse is a great option here as it helps with root lift and hold. Massage a big blob through hands like a moisturiser and distribute evenly onto the crown and roots of your hair, brushing the residue through to the mid lengths and ends with a paddle brush. If using a protein spray, apply it now to the ends and mid lengths.

5 Using your paddle brush, direct the heat of the blow dryer into the roots. The quickest way to get root lift here is by blow-drying against the natural drop of your hair – brush the hair on the left side upwards over to the right hand side of your head, the back section upwards and towards the crown and front section, the fringe upwards and to the back, and so on. Use your fingers to help you guide the hair upwards or simply tip your head upside down at the end to get even more root lift. This step is just to lift and dry your roots, not the lengths and can be done very roughly – so, a few minutes, tops, should see your roots dry and volumised. 

6 Start sectioning your hair. This dose not need to be complicated and makes blow-drying so much easier, yet most skip this important step. Simply pull your hair into a half pony tail and then, split the hair underneath into two-to-four sections and blow dry, and repeat when you release the top section.

7 Taking your round or barrel brush, grab a section of hair from underneath and direct the dryer, with nozzle now attached, downwards along the length of the hair. Hold the brush and nozzle of the dryer parallel to each other, always pointing the nozzle downwards – this will smooth down the hair cuticle. Repeat this step twice, or as many times as necessary, to get each length dry.

8 When you reach the ends of each section of hair, pay special attention to smoothing them out, by either going over them again in a downward motion or twirl your round brush repeatedly around in your wrist for about 20 seconds to give them a slight inward, or outward, bend.

9 When your blow dry is finished, turn the heat setting off and switch on the cool air function and blast all hair. This helps to set the hair and hold the style better, especially when you’re going into extreme weather conditions. 

10 Spritz with hair spray or add a little shine serum to ends, if desired.

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