How To Achieve Balance


Say no to anything that is not essential or does not add value to your life.

Sometimes our lives can get hectic and it seems everything is happening at once,

A great skill is being able to identify the things that no longer make you happy or improve your life and being able to say no.  Surround yourself with positive, supportive and happy people with a can do attitude.


Disconnect from technology

Set aside a time every week where you disconnect from all technology, this can be a couple of hours or even a whole day and believe me this isn’t as hard as it seems.  When we detach ourselves from technology we focus more on the things around us, whether that be focusing on relationships or enjoying a new hobby, these moments will flourish when we stop looking at our phone.


Get out of your comfort zone, do activities that you never dreamt of doing.  Reflecting on these moments will provide happiness and remind us that we are capable of anything.   Take a class, learn a new skill or even better teach yourself! Stepping out of your comfort zone can teach you amazing things about yourself that give you a better understanding of who you are and what you want.

Have fun

Don’t forget to see the funny side of bad situations; it’s our ability to laugh in these moments that can define who we are.  Seeing the good in a bad situation can be tricky but will help contribute to achieving balance.

What is important to you?

Define what is important to you, without knowing what is important you will not know what to prioritize.  Similarly you need to define what is not important and keep those things at the bottom of the to do list.  Only commit your time and energy into tasks that are a priority.


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