Aloe Vera Cubes to Soothe Sunburn

Aloe Vera is a known aid in healing sun burnt skin and can even help to avoid any peeling associated with sun-damaged skin.

Although it seems we are constantly applying sunscreen, sunburn can sometimes seem inevitable.  Whether you’ve simply missed a spot during application or there is a whole area effected by sunburn, these Aloe Vera ice cubes are sure to soothe your burn and boost the healing process of sunburn.

Next time you go to your local store or pharmacy look out for Aloe Vera gel )near/around the sunscreen section).  This gel can be squeezed into an old/unused ice cube tray and frozen overnight.  Once frozen the Aloe Vera ice blocks can be used after a long day out in the sun.  By freezing the gel your sunburn has the benefits of the cooling Aloe Vera with the addition of the soothing ice on your skin.

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