Healthy Beach Snacks


  • Whether it be cut up pieces of fruit or a fruit salad the more fruit the merrier. 


  • Freshly sliced vegetables such as carrot and celery either on their own or served with dips are a delicious and healthy snack that is great for relaxing beach days.


  • Making homemade wraps is a cheap and wholesome meal idea for warm beach days. Some great combinations are salad, chicken and avocado and tuna and white bean with tomato.


  • Dried fruit and nuts is possibly the perfect nutritional combination for your day at the beach. The great thing about trail mix is it’s totally customisable.


  • Shelled or un-shelled, this bean is the perfect snack for the sand. Rich in fiber, protein and energy-boosting carbs, this tiny green legume is great for noshing in and out of the sun. Pack frozen edamame in your beach bag and they will be ready to go come snack time.

Remember to bring an Eski down to the beach to keep all of these items cool and refreshing. 

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