How To Spring Into Shape

Amazingly easy workouts you can do to get yourself into shape just in time for summer.  Below are three simple but effective methods that will improve your fitness levels.


Skipping is an amazingly easy, inexpensive and portable tool you should be using to help improve your fitness levels and tighten your body.  Skipping is great to improve your cardio vascular fitness and when incorporated to your daily routine can help tone your arms, legs and booty.


Walking is a wonderful whole body workout that burns more fat than running!  Oxygen is essential for the break down of fat, when we walk (compared to running) there is more oxygen available for our body to breakdown fat,  fat will then be utilised as our energy source.


Interval training, such as intervals of walking followed by intervals of running, is a fantastic method for burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness.  Alternating periods of high intensity exercise with periods of low intensity exercise gives your body the opportunity to increase fitness level and burn fat.  Try to increase your jogging/running distance and intensity to get your body into shape.


Heres a tip, when out for a run alternate your periods of walking and running every time a new song plays on your mp3 player. 


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