7 ways to walk 10,000 steps per day

Talk the stairs not the elevator

Think of this chance to exercise as an opportunity not an inconvenience, take the stairs over the elevator or walk the long way around.

Park further away from your work

Instead of parking a few metres away from work in the work car park, try parking a few block away, this is a sure way to increase your steps every day.

Walk to the local shop/milk bar

When you start making breakfast and realise you are out of milk, why not walk to the local milk bar to buy your pantry staples.  If it’s within walking distance it is always worth walking over driving.

Have a competition

A friendly competition never hurt anyone; start a competition with your friends or family and whoever gets the most steps in a given timeframe wins a prize of their choice!

Walk the dog

An easy way to increase your steps is to take your dog for a stroll.  If you don’t have a dog ask to borrow your friends.

Buy a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers come in all shaped and sizes these days, a watch, an app, a band which ever trackers suits your lifestyle will motivate you to up an atom.

Set an alarm to remind you to keep moving

Set a regular alarm every hour to remind you to get up and move, whether it be a lap of the office or a quick walk to the corner your body and mind will benefit from this break.


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