Frozen Fruit Ice Cubes

Using frozen fruit instead of ice cubes is a creative and tasty approach to keep your water icy and add some natural flavour.

Detox water is a fantastic way to draw the toxins out of your water whilst naturally flavouring your drink.  In todays day and age our body is exposed to numerous toxins at any one time whether it be toxins in air pollution, preservatives and additives in food, chemicals in beauty products, toxins in the water we drink, alcohol, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics (and many more).  We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis and these toxins can build up in our body as a ‘toxic load’.

Detox water can help eliminate toxins from the water we drink and even improve the body’s ability to eliminate accumulated toxins.

Here are some easy and tasty frozen fruit (ice cube) ideas to add to your detox bottle.

  • Frozen melon balls (watermelon, rockmelon, cantaloupe)
  • Frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, black berries, acai, cranberries)
  • Frozen fruit slices (apple, orange, pear, peach, kiwi fruit, grapefruit)
  • Frozen pomegranate seeds
  • Frozen beetroot chunks/beetroot juice
  • Frozen mango and banana chunks

Simply wash, dry and freeze your fruit in a freezer safe bag.  Every morning add tasty frozen fruit to your water to keep it cold and delicious.

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