Healthy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner which means processed junk and lollies are everywhere. While there’s been a small push in the media to encourage giving out healthier items to trick-or-treating children, the promotion and availability of junk food can be irresistibly enticing.

Never fear the team at SMT have put together a few suggestions to help you get through the Halloween season in good health.

#1 Be Prepared. You know the sweet treats are coming, why not prepare some sweet alternatives that feel fun and tasty? Arm your sweet tooth with our delicious and healthier desserts and treats you can find in our SkinnyMe Detox Program recipe books! If you’re pressed for time, dates filled with almond butter, a dark chocolate bar (70% or above), or healthy popsicles can do the trick.

#2 Support your gut. Whenever the junk food is flying, give your gut a little love with some extra digestive support. Add ginger to meals, include a probiotic and take your digestive enzyme to help your body process sugar and heavy foods.

#3 Renew Your Life. If you do end up eating a few more sweets than you’d like, don’t worry. The SMT team is here to support you and get you back on track with our Teatoxes or the SkinnyMe Detox Program before the next holiday strikes.






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