8 Glamping Hacks

Summer is upon us and now is the time to get back outdoors, and what better way to do that than to plan a camping trip with friends! Not all of us are up for ‘roughin’ it’ though, so here are 8 glamping hacks to make you feel right at home!

  1. Invest in a 2 person sleeping bag or , better yet, an air mattress for extreme comfort. You can even bring in beautiful pillows and throws to decorate it with!
  2. Ensure you get a large tent, enough space to fit your air mattress and creature comforts such as a mirror!
  3. Decorate the ceiling of your tent with solar or battery powered fairy lights and lanterns. You can also stuff fairy lights into mason jars for light around the campsite.
  4. Bring some old rugs for the floor of your tent as well as just outside your tent, there’s nothing worse than stepping out in the morning to mud or dirt! It’s also a good idea to put one out where you plan to eat.
  5. Premix your cocktails and mocktails so you can leave them in the esky to stay ice cold until happy hour.
  6. Keep nasty bugs, such as mosquitos at bay, burning a bundle of sage in your bonfire will help keep insects away. Alternatively pack citronella candles or even burn citronella leaves in your bonfire.
  7. If your lucky enough to have a powered camping site you will truly be able to live in luxury, as you will be able to bring as many power boards as your heart desires. This is proper luxury as you can use all your amenities (well as many as you can fit in the car) these can include; slow cooker, hair dryer, hair straightener, portable oven, microwave, hair straightener, lights portable heaters etc.
  8. Invest in some welcome mats and large plastic containers to place at the front of each tent. This will ensure no dirt from your shoes will be brought into the tent and you can place your shoes safely in the containers to make sure no nasty’s crawl in over night.



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