8 of the best ways to get the most out of your mornings

  1. Set your alarm clock earlier then you normally would to give yourself time to prepare for the day ahead, and select a ring tone that is less alarming, for a more peaceful wakeup call.
  2. Make time to relax - Get up 15 minutes early so you can have time for practicing positive affirmations, listening to music while getting ready, eating breakfast outside and taking the time to stretch out each extremity are all great ways to start the day with less stress.
  3. Have a warm glass of water with a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar or a squeeze of lemon. It may help with digestion, increase energy and alkalize the body.
  4. Be prepared and reduce early morning decision making by laying out your outfit the night before, pre-making your breakfast (egg white frittata or overnight oats are great options) and prepack your handbag/briefcase/gym bag/car the night before.
  5. Keep your mouth healthy, so along with brushing and flossing in the morning, incorporate oil pulling and tongue brushing into your routine to assist in removing toxins.
  6. Do your work out in the morning. Studies have shown that people who exercise first thing are more likely to stick to their routine and stay motivated as they are don’t have the whole day to come with excuses, get distracted. Also, the endorphins released from your work out will give you a positive and energetic boost to start the day!
  7. Start with sunlight. Your body clock is very sensitive to light and dark, so it is important to get some sunlight within the first half hour of waking up. Exercise outside, eat breakfast on the porch or at a large window or, if your time sensitive and your bedroom isn’t visible/accessible from the street, leave your blinds open, as the sun rises you will start to wake naturally.
  8. Start your day with a cup of our delicious SkinnyMe Tea Morning Cleanse. This blend of green tea, oolong and nourishing herbs is rich in antioxidants and can help to energize, hydrate, refresh and uplift you in the morning!

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