Get Fit This Summer

The days are longer, the temperature is warmer and you need to start getting fit, summer is the perfect time to do it and here is why.

Exercising in summer feels surprisingly amazing

Exercise and nature can naturally boost your mood, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little Vitamin D while you’re at it.

Sunny Mornings

The mornings are brighter, why not enjoy them?  Wake up that little bit earlier and enjoy the sunshine.  Don’t like the heat? the weather is usually cooler in the morning so if you don’t enjoy exercising in the heat the mornings are your perfect opportunity.

You will Eat Lighter

In summer it is much easier to steer clear from the heavy comfort foods we have been eating all winter.  Do a big pantry clear out and stock up on fresh wholesome foods, enjoy the beautiful seasonal produce.


If this is not motivation enough as to why you should get fit this summer I don’t what is!  Think of the end result…. how good you will look on the beach in a bikini.

Warming up and Cooling down is easy

Your muscles are already warm and ready to go!  When you start your workout your already halfway there and it will be much easier than those stiff muscles in the cooler weather. 

You’ll be drinking more water

As the temperature is hotter your body will be requiring more water, inturn your thirst increases.  You will naturally increase your water consumption which Is great cause you will be working out and loosing heaps of water as you sweat.  Make sure you replace lost fluids to avoid dehydration and fatigue.

Ripple Effect

Being physically fit and active can start a ripple effect.  Your family, friends and neighbours may see a noticeable change which can motivate them to get fit.

Shorts, Skirts and Dresses

Think of how amazing the fit, strong and healthy you will feel in shorts, skirts and dresses.  Its not about looking good, its about feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes!

For effective, fun and toning exercises take a look at our SkinnyMe Weight Loss Programs.  We spent a year collaborating with experts in nutrition, naturopathy, personal training and yoga to bring you these quality and effective Programs which are easily incorporated into your daily routine and produce real results.

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