How to stay hydrated in summer

It's something we hear left, right and center “drink more water”.  What we do know is that water is the most essential nutrient for maintaining human life.  So let’s support all our bodily functions and processes by consuming at least 2L of water daily.  Want to know how you can increase your water consumption? Here are a few tips to incorporate into your routine.

Invest in a good water bottle

Not only should it be functional, this bottle should be visually appealing as it needs to be something you wont get sick of looking at.  Investing in a water bottle that is BPA free, at least 500mls and visually appealing will help increase your daily water consumption target.  Knowing the volume of your water bottle will help you hit daily water targets.  We love DROP bottle, they are 500mls made of double wall borosilicate glass and BPA free!  You can get yours at

Take a water bottle with you everywhere!

Yes, it might get slightly annoying carrying a bottle everywhere you go, perhaps keeping one in the car, one on your desk and one at home is enough.  It is important that this bottle is available for you to consume all your watery goodness all day long.  Drop bottles have a handle in built into their lid for ultimate convenience! 

Make reminders

Place a reminder on your phone every hour to keep hydrated.  Or if you really teach savvy you can download on of the many water consumption reminder apps that are available on the app store. 

Home made popsicles

On a hot summer day staying hydrated can be easy and taste amazing.  Simply add your favourite fruit to a popsicle tray and fill with water or coconut water and place in the freezer.  Bring these out on a hot day to quench your thirst and up your fruit intake J simple and taste amazing.

Make fruit infused soda water

Replace all flavoured and artificial drinks you would usually consume with a fruit infused soda water.  With all the bubbly goodness of soft drink without the nasty sugars and artificial colours, your body will thank you.

Drink on rising

Drinking a large glass of water as you wake proves beneficial for our health.  Not only does our body miss out on all the hydrating water we don’t consume as we sleep, our body needs to be woken up! Drinking water on rising will increase your metabolism, assist with detoxification processes and assist with boosting our energy levels.



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