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Spring onions/Scallion

  • Instead of discarding the roots you chop of your spring onion, you can place them in a jar of water and set them in a sunny area.
  • Every second day change the water.
  • In a week or more you should have a new Spring Onion!
  • You can also do this with Green Onions and Leeks.

Bok Choy  

  • Use the base of your Bok Choy to regrow another bunch!
  • Place in a bowl with water (just enough to cover the base) and change the water every few days.
  • In a week or so there should be new shoots in the center of the Bok Choy, when you see this plant in a pot with some soil and cover everything bar the new sprouting shoots.
  • You should be able to harvest your Bok Choy in 5 months.
  • You can also do this with Fennel (once roots start to form you can plant), Celery (keep misting with water) and Romaine Lettuce (change the water every day).


  • Basil can regrow it’s roots from the stem.
  • Use a sprig of Basil about 4 inches long with 1 – 3 leaves and place in jar full of water, just make sure the leaves aren’t sitting in the water.
  • Leave somewhere warm and bright but not in direct sunlight.
  • Change the water everyday and once roots form you can plant in the soil at about 2 inches long.
  • When picking the leaves ensure you don’t remove all of them.
  • You can do this with Coriander


  • Instead of throwing out the stalks of the mushrooms, simply plant them in a pot of soil and compost with the top of the stalk exposed.
  • Keep somewhere fairly moist.
  • In a few days they will either sprout or rot, if you’re lucky and they sprout then you can harvest when fully grown.


  • Slice off the roots of the onion, ensuring the slice is at least half an inch thick and place in a pot of soil and cover lightly.
  • Harvest when fully grown.



  • If you have left over or oldish potatoes that display eyes, simply slice larges chunks of the potatoes off (ensuring they display at least one eye) and leave out to dry overnight.
  • Plant in soil with the eyes facing up and they will start to sprout and grow.
  • Potatoes can continue to grow for months.

Sweet Potato

  • Cut a Sweet Potato in half and suspend over a jar of water so that only the bottom half of the potato is submerged.
  • After a few days roots will start to form, wait until the are about 4 inches in length then snap them off and put them in a new jar of water and wait for these to grow new roots about an inch in length.
  • You can then plant these in the soil and wait for your sweet potatoes to fully form before harvesting.


  • Instead of throwing out the pulp of tomatoes when only using the flesh, save them and grow your own tomatoes!
  • Rinse the gel of the seeds and allow them to dry thoroughly.
  • Plant in a pot of soil and leave inside until they are a few inches tall then transfer outside somewhere in the sun.
  • You can do the same with Pumpkin and Chilli except you don’t have to keep them in doors.


  • Take 1 clove of a garlic bulb and plant in soil with the roots facing down.
  • Ensure the garlic is kept warm in sunlight.
  • When shoots start to grow, cut back so that a new bulb can form.


  • You can’t regrow the whole carrot however you can regrow the delicious greet tops which are perfect for salads, etc.
  • Cut off the tops of your carrots and sit in a container of water and green shoots should start to grow.
  • Allow it to grow until it’s ready to be transplanted into the ground.
  • Trim as needed.
  • This method works for Turnips and Beetroots


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