Get toned this summer

Taking your workout to sand will add the extra bonus of sand resistance, this will make your workout harder and increase the amount of calories burned during your workout.  You can take any workout to sand to increase resistance and ultimately improve strength, endurance and tone.  

Here is an example of a fantastic sand circuit that will get you one step closer to your toned summer body goals.

Sand Circuit 

Mark out a 10-meter distance with cones, 1 effort is up 10 meters and back 10 meters. 

  1. Short Agility Sprint x 3
  2. Burpees (on spot)
  3. Walking Lunges x 1
  4. Crab Crawls x 1
  5. Bear Crawls x 1
  6. Whole body walk outs x 1 

X4 (have a minute break between sets)

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