5 Reasons to drink green tea


  1. Therapeutic Benefits
    Green tea can be the perfect home herbal remedy for some ailments. Ginger can be used to ease nausea, peppermint tea is fantastic to improve cramping and head colds, chamomile to improve sleep and nettle to improve skin impurities. 
  2. Natural Caffeine hit
    Green tea contains a natural boost of energy is it contains naturally occurring caffeine, swap your morning coffee for a green tea and feel the benefits. Alternatively choose green tea which contain natural energy boosters; teas that contain liquorice root and ginseng are fantastic energy boosters
  3. Boosts your metabolism
    Green tea has been proven to boost your metabolism by increasing your body’s ability to burn fat and increase metabolic rate. Just by drinking 5 cups of green tea a day can burn an extra 100 calories!!
  4. Antioxidants!!
    Green tea are packed full of antioxidants which are well known for their role as an anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation is becoming widely accepted as a co-factor of most diseases.
  5. Nutrients

Herbal teas are made from plants, and when boiled water infuses these ingredients all the essential oils, nutrients and vitamins are released from the plants into the water.  If your diet is lacking in vitamins and minerals try a green tea which contains chamomile, hibiscus, nettle lead of rosehip.


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