Table salt vs. pink Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is said to be the purest salt on the earth, but what does that mean?  Yes table salt is one of the most common household ingredients but did you know it undergoes processing methods to remove all the natural occurring essential minerals which our body’s need.  Table salt is chemically cleaned to leave nothing but sodium chloride behind (99% sodium chloride), meaning it is a highly refined product!  If you don’t eat refined products such as flour and sugar, then you should not eat table salt!


Himalayan pink salt is an unprocessed and untouched salt that is pollution free, 85% sodium chloride with the remainder contained over 80 minerals!  These minerals assist with maintain your bodies pH balance, water regulation and toxin elimination!  None of these benefits are associated with refined table salt.


When you think about all the foods that you add salt to it is important you make the right choice with the quality of the ingredients you put into your body.


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