Daily Detox Rituals

Start your day with warm lemon water

This will make up your digestive system and naturally assist your body flush out toxins to help it absorb nutrients over the course of the day.


Add herbs and spices to your meals

Herbs and spices will naturally enhance the flavor of your meals, but did you know that they also have natural detoxing abilities.  Coriander; naturally gets rid of toxic metals that build in tissue.  Turmeric; protects the liver from toxins and increases production of bile.  Parsley ; detoxing herb that protects the liver and cleanses your blood.

Eat green

Dark leafy greens are packed with chlorophyll which helps to cleanse the digestive tract, aids in liver detoxification and gets rid of damaging toxins that come from pesticides, herbicides and cleaning products.


Drink Detox water

While drinking plain water alone can assist your bodies natural detox methods, you can amp up your water and make it even tastier and detoxifying.  Add your favorite (sliced) fruits to your water for a naturally tasty and hydrating detox water!



We should be exercising daily, just 30 minutes a day, enough to build up a sweat because, yes you guessed it, toxins leave the body through sweat!


Coconut Kefir

Naturally rich in probiotics, coconut kefir will help process toxins in the gut and flush them out of our system.


No more refined foods

There is no point in detoxing if you are just going to put those nasty toxins back into the body.  Make sure you maintain a diet full of fresh, organic whole foods that are in season.


Up your fiber intake

Soluble and insoluble fiber cleanses the body by helping rid toxins and waste.  The fiber binds to the toxins and assists with clearing them from our body.


Cleanse your body from the Inside out today, Try our signature Teatox today;


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