Tash Oakley's Day on a plate

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Tash has one of Instagram’s most enviable bikini bodies, which is why when she gave us her day on a plate, we had to share!



"For breakfast I'll usually have a flax power smoothie with berries and bananas or I'll have two poached eggs and avocado."



"For lunch I'll have a salad either with or without chicken. I love vegetables so I make sure I eat anything healthy and fresh throughout the day."



"I'll either have fish, red meat, anything with vegetables, my dinner's are generally pretty healthy. If I'm going to indulge I'll have a burger, I love my burgers. I also love pasta, but they're the more indulgent foods that get thrown in there every now and then. But generally I'm kind of a creature of habit, I like what I like and I'll pretty much end up eating the same thing every day."



"For dessert I'll usually have dark chocolate — I love 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate. I do love a rosé, a glass in the afternoon — nothing beats it."



"I don't snack a lot but if I do I'll just have nuts or cranberries, or just little things like that. I find that the meals I eat fill me up because they're so healthy and I don't really need to be snacking anyway."



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