How to get a flat stomach - your core workout

Here is the ultimate core workout to get those enviable flat abs for summer.

Do 5 rounds of the following exercises below for your core workout!  
Be careful to remember that the quality of the exercise execution is more important then the quantity.

All exercises begin laying flat on the floor, on your back, we suggest lying on an exercise mat or some towels. 

Windshield wipers – 20 (10 each side)

1/ Lie flat with legs together and arms stretched out so your fingertips are furthest away from each other.

2/ Bring both legs up together forming a straight line

3/ Drop your legs down to one side (using your obliques to perform the movement) as far down as they can go.

4/ Then bring to centre and continue on the other side. 

Dead bugs – 20

1/ Lie flat with your feet lifted slightly up off the floor and legs together

2/ Place your arms over your head and be sure to keep them straight at all times

3/ Bend your knees into your chest as you swing your arms over your head, bringing your hands to your ankles. 

Reverse crunches - 10

1/ Lying flat lift your hips off the ground, pointing your feet high towards the ceiling

2/ Place your arms beside your hips

3/ Squeeze your tummy to the floor and lift your hips as high off the floor as you can (bringing your feet closer to the ceiling)

Single leg extension – 30 (15 each leg)

1/ Lying flat point your toes away from your body, keeping your feet slightly off the ground

2/ Raise your hands together above your chest

3/ Bend one knee at a time, bringing your knee into your chest as you squeeze your abdominals

4/ Lower your leg and bring the opposite knee into your chest

Bicycle crunches – 20 (10 each side)

1/ Lying flat with your feet off the floor, place both hands behind your ears

2/ Bringing one knee into the chest, bring yours shoulders off the floor and bring the opposite elbow to touch your knee.

3/ Lower and alternate sides

Lying leg lifts - 10

1/ Lying flat, keep both feet together with straight legs,

2/ Squeeze your abs to raise your legs straight in the air (be careful not to lift your back off the floor)

3/ Bring feet back to just off the floor (slow and controlled) and continue 

Single leg lifts – 20 (10 each leg)

1/ Same as the lying leg lifts just alternating one leg at a time




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