How 1 Drink Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss

You probably think you are doing the right thing by only having one glass of wine (as opposed to the whole bottle :P ) but did you know that even just one glass can be the reason why you are not noticing any changes to your health/body.


Here are the reasons why one glass of wine is one too many


Your drinking empty Calories.

Why waste your daily calories on a few glasses of wine, each glass is approx. 100 calories and with having minimal nutritional value, that’s a lot of calories.  They are referred to as empty calories as there are zero vitamins, minerals or nutrients in alcohol (besides sugar and sweeteners), so choosing a healthy meal or snack is always a better option.


Its easy to drink too much.

Alcohol is very energy dense, meaning only a little can really add quite a lot of calories into your daily intake.  Obviously the more you drink, the more calories you consume.


It encourages you to over-eat.

What goes better with a glass of red then a beautiful pizza or a bowl of hot chips?  When you drink and hunger strikes it can be almost impossible to make a healthy choice, over a high fat and high energy choice!


Stops you from exercising.

Now you may have had the best intentions to exercise the following morning after a big night but we all know the following day that the headache and brain fuzz are enough to keep us inactive most of the day.


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