Why exercise alone will not help weight loss

Although the health benefits of increased physical activity levels are clear, physical activity alone is not the answer to weight loss.  A mixture of increased physical activity and a healthy diet is the best bet to keep the weight off. 

Initially increasing your activity levels will show an initial loss of weight however in order to maintain this weight loss we need to consume a healthy diet in conjunction with exercise.  As your fitness levels increase you will need to work harder to burn more calories and make sure that your energy expenditure (calories burned daily being alive, exercise) is greater than calories consumed (food).


The ‘SkinnyMe Bikini Body Program’ (8 weeks) and the ‘SkinnyMe Detox Program’ (4 weeks) have been designed specifically to work in conjunction with our signature 14Day and 28Day Teatox, combining nutrition and exercise to maximise the weight loss and detoxification effects.

We spent a year collaborating with experts in nutrition, naturopathy, personal training and yoga to bring you these quality and effective Programs which are easily incorporated into your daily routine and produce real results.

If you have a health goal, these Programs are a great tool to both achieve these as well as promote healthy lifestyle both now and in the future.


  • demi ann


  • Mallori Hardaway

    Absolutely love this post, can totally relate to it!

  • Amandeep Dhillon

    Love this blog is very helpful as I can relate back to it.

  • Noideahow

    Defenetly right, i totally agree with this statement. I have my own experience and it prooves this. Thank you, SMT! This post is my fav❤️

  • Caitlin Hardwick

    These blog posts are so helpful!

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