Why cheaper is not always better

New research has found that spending more money on better quality food is associated with a healthier diet and weight.  A healthy diet is essential for good physical and mental health, and the quality of your diet depend on a person’s choice of food.  Something that greatly contributes to our choice of food is the price of the products, health food prices have risen greatly since 2000 making the price of less-healthy foods much more affordable for most families.

 People who regularly choose these unhealthy/cheaper meals over the healthy options are putting their health at risk!  This information is important for Governments to make decisions for public health policies to hopefully make healthy foods more accessible for all.

If you are wanting to eat healthy, on a budget there are still some options for you:

  • Visit a farmer’s market
  • By a “damaged fruit” box, this is just the fruit that looks a little different but is still high quality, this saves the food from being wasted and thrown out.
  • Know your prices, being educated on good value for money can save you heaps.
  • Buy in bulk and freeze! E.g. fruits and veggies can be frozen and used for health meals and smoothies.


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  • EMG

    Thanks for the post. Definitely learned something new today. Especially on how all fruits and vegetables can be stored in the freezer. :)

  • Yuneli

    I love my fruits and veggies!!
    Great post????
    GO VEGAN❤️

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