How to quit sugar

All you need is one month, and four simple steps to quit/decrease your sugar consumption.

The 4 step process means you are not quitting cold turkey (which can be too hard for some) rather you slowly decrease your consumption until you no longer crave any sugars.


Week 1 Step 1

Cutting down on the portion of sugar you consume.

This can be anywhere from reducing the sugars you have in your coffee (or eliminating), using honey instead or cutting back on sweets ie. Chocolate, muffins, etc.  You will need to make sure you have 3-4 substantial meals every day as these will stop you for reaching for sugary snacks later in the day.


Week 2 Step 2

Stop the sweets.

Cutting out the obvious sugar treats is a must, cookies, chocolate etc.  We know that these products contain heaps of refined sugar, and are not very nutritious.  When you feel yourself reaching for a sugar hit have a piece of fruit or vegetable.  This will require some prepared fruits and veg so they are at the ready when the cravings come.


Week 3 Step 3

Cut out hidden sugar.

Continue to eat as little sugar as possible (choosing fruit over sweets) but start to educate yourself on foods where sugars are hidden.  Foods such as cereals, breads, pasta, juices, dried fruit, granola etc. are all packed with sugar.  Try to eat these foods organic where possible and make sure you read the packing, anything with sugar in the ingredients list has added sugar (not naturally occurring) and should be avoided.


Week 4 Step 4

Maintaining your new philosophy on sugar.

Try to find the best methods to help you maintain this sugar free lifestyle.  Whether it be one giant farmers market shop, creating a week’s worth of healthy snacks to take to work or consuming a cup of tea when you have a sugar craving.  All these new lifestyle changes will help support your sugar free lifestyle and you should be feeling fantastic as you have cut refined sugar from your diet.


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  • mimine

    I’m définitely starting today!! Thanks for the great tips

  • Savanna

    Yay! i love this

  • Keturah

    My mum recently quit sugar due to an intolerance for it and it’s been amazing watching her health grow. This post definitely covers the major points when it comes to cutting sugar out of your diet!

  • Tayla Norris


  • Tayla Norris


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