11 ways to boost your immune system

Do you fall sick often? Or find it difficult to get rid of cold symptoms?  We have listed 12 suggestions for how to boost your immune system and maintain a clean and healthy body.


Lifestyle practises

  1. Exercise: When the weather gets colder its not a good idea to reduce your physical activity levels. Support your organs by moving in as many ways as possible, get that lymph moving and boost a weak immune system.
  2. Get Outdoors: Fresh air and sunshine can greatly benefit our body’s health and wellbeing. Leave your office, that has minimal ventilation, and get some fresh air in your lungs and oxygen in your blood!
  3. Sleep: There is a reason why rest is so important to a weak immune system, sleep will help reduce stress and boost your immune system. Aim for 8 hours sleep most nights!
  4. Hand washing: Keep your hands clean, use an antibacterial hand soap, they can be easily stored in your bag and relatively inexpensive. Make sure you wash your hands before preparing or eating food.
  5. Alcohol: Alcohol can be extremely dehydrated and can weaken your immune system.


  1. Probiotics: assist your body rid itself of toxins, the natural way. By taking a Probiotic every day you help clear the gut of toxins that can affect your immune system.
  2. Vitamin D: Essential for decreasing your changes of contracting a cold. It is important to take a supplement in the cooler months where you don’t see a lot of sun.
  3. Enzymes: Digestive enzymes assist with digestion of food and improving nutrient absorption, this will support the immune system.

Dietary Changes

  1. Smoothies: smoothies contain supportive nutrients and essential protein, both a required for a functioning immune system.
  2. Eat more Fruit & Veg: Phytonutrients found in plants help to relieve oxidative stress and restore a weak immune system.
  3. Trigger Foods: to the best of your ability decrease consumption of gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol.

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  • Katelyn



    Thank you for! So informative now I can take this with me and make conscious decisions. P.S I am entering your competition.

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