Frozen Banana Pops

We have the best 3 ingredient snack that you will crave morning, noon and night.  These frozen banana pops are much healthier than a scoop of ice cream and will provide a subtle and slow release of energy that you can utilise throughout your day!



1 ripe banana

85 grams vanilla soy yoghurt

1/8 cup mini dairy-free chocolate chips


You will need wooden paddle pop sticks



1/ Line a plate with baking paper

2/ Peel and cut the ripe banana into four quarters

3/ Push a paddle pop stick three-quarters of the way into each piece of banana

4/ Dip each piece into yoghurt and cover evenly

5/ Lay each banana pop sideways on baking paper and sprinkle with mini chocolate chips

6/ Place in freezer for at least 4-hours and enjoy!


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