Happy 4th of July to our Amazing US community

To get into the 4th of July spirit we have shared our favourite 4th July DIY ideas!


  1. Tic Tac Toe
    Tic-Tac-T’oh-yeah! Make your own 4th of July-inspired lawn game with Handmade Modern X’s and O’s and acrylic paints. Use painter’s tape to make stripes (the width of a piece of tape will evenly space out the stripes); paint on red, white and blue colors; and let the games begin.


  1. Lawn Stars
    Use an old piece of old cardboard with a star cut out, some construction marking spray paint and lots of family on the front lawn.


  1. Balloons
    Purchase some clear balloons and red white and blue confetti, funnel the confetti into the balloons and blow them up, an amazingly simply decoration.


  1. Macaroons
    Find the recipe for these amazing red, white and blue cherry cheesecake macaroons here : http://bakingamoment.com/red-white-and-blue-cherry-cheesecake-macarons/


  1. Berry Trifle
    Find the recipe for this amazing berry trifle here : http://natashaskitchen.com/2015/07/03/no-bake-strawberry-blueberry-trifle/


  1. Strawberry yoghurt bites
    Find the recipe for these easy and tasty treats here : http://loveandmarriageblog.com/healthy-4th-july-yogurt-bites/


  1. Wreath
    Want to add a little red, white, and blue to your decor? How to make a Patriotic Wreath. Easy step-by-step tutorial with pictures.


  1. Ice cubes
    Find the recipe for these healthy and tasty bites here : http://loveandmarriageblog.com/healthy-4th-july-yogurt-bites/


  1. Smores
    Heres a fun 4th of July idea! Holiday Smores =] All you need is some graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows and a creative way to throw them all together.


  1. Boozy shots
    All you need are strawberries and red and blue gelatin. Cut your strawberries in half and get them on a patriotic level by adding the white and blue gelatin filling. These mini bites couldn’t get any cuter or more party perfect.



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