What foods should i avoid during my Teatox?

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Firstly, Congratulations!! 

You have taken the first step to take control of your health!

And our SkinnyMe Tea 14 & 28 Day Teatox is designed with your health in mind :) Of course, there are some things you can do during your Teatox to improve the efficiency and results!

It is important to note that all Teatox purchases now come with our Exercise and Nutrition plans, over 300 pages of recipes, nutrition advice and work out programs.  For the best results, we recommend incorporating these guides.

Some basic information on what foods to avoid include:

What foods to avoid during a Teatox:

Stay away from: refined white sugar and salt / meat (discluding fresh fish and lean organic varieties) / dairy / animal fats / refined white flour products [bread, pasta] / all refined foods [ie, if it comes in a packet] / caffeinated drinks / alcohol / soft drinks

Grains such as brown rice and quinoa should replace white flour products.

Try to eat organic where possible

It is important you follow a healthy and clean diet to maximise the detoxification process, cutting out the likes of coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, excessive salt, dairy, fatty animal products – consuming loads of vegetables, grains, beans, fruit, water, green tea, and more

Love the SkinnyMe Tea Team <3

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