Coconut Milk Kefir Drink

What is kefir?

Kefir is a combination of living yeast and bacteria that are called “grains”, however they are not in any way a grain or from the grain family.  They are living organisms, which look like a cauliflower floret / ricotta combination.

Kefir can be purchased at some health food stores (online or in store) however can be hard to come across.

When kefir is fermented into a drink, a mixture of probiotics that promote gut health and digestive balance is created. 

Here is a recipe for your own homemade coconut milk kefir recipe.  

You will need:

  • 1 tablespoon kefir grains
  • 1-2 cups organic coconut milk
  • Mason Jar/Glass Jar
  • Mesh Cloth
  • Rubber Band


1/ Combine the kefir grains with the coconut milk in your glass/mason jar.

2/Cover the top of the jar with the mesh cloth and secure with a rubber band

3/Leave the mixture to ferment on the bench for 12-24 hours (be careful to shake/stir after 12 hours)

4/Once the coconut milk has thickened (and become slightly sour) your mixture has turned into kefir!

5/Strain the mixture through a plastic strainer to remove the kefir grains (keep the grains and reuse them by storing in a glass jar in the fridge.

6/Store your drink in the fridge and enjoy the health benefits 

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