How to make a Buddha Bowl


A Buddha bowl is a deliciously wholesome bowl filled with a variety of veggies, healthy fats and vegetarian protein.  The bowl doesn’t have to be hot or cold, and can even be a variety of different temperatures and textures, that’s the beauty of a Buddha bowl.  The only thing that needs to tie your Buddha bowl together is a delicious sauce/dressing!


Here is a simple checklist of how to create a Buddha bowl.

  1. Choose a beautiful bowl
  2. Start with a base layer of greens
  3. Add a variety of veggies & beans
  4. Top with grains, nuts and seeds
  5. Dress with your favourite sauce/dressing
  6. Eat mindfully enjoying all the flavours and textures


Here is a beautiful Buddha bowl suggestion/recipe



1 small sweet potato (roasted)

1/3 Cup of cooked quinoa

¼ Cup of black beans

½ Cup of shredded carrots



½ Cup of Arugala

½ small avocado



Garlic hummus or tahini

Sesame oil or flaxseed oil or olive oil



Layer these delicious ingredients as above J

There you have it your first dragon bowl.


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